Namaz od Jastoga sa Kari Gos

Cooked from Blue Lobster (the Breton Lobster), considered as the finest of the crustaceans, discover the tender and refined meat of the Lobster (30.5%) through this recipe that will delight gourmets. Raised at the Kari Gosse, a spice mixture well known to gourmets, find in the mouth the fine and delicate taste of the Lobster.

Created in Lorient in the XIXth century, the Kari Gosse is a mixture of spices with tonic perfume and marine foot. Tradition associated it with lobster and it's not for nothing!

Ingredients: Lobster* (30,5%), liquid cream, pollock**, scallop***, shallots, carots, butter, wheat flour, milk proteins and lactose, salt, parsley, garlic, kari gosse (0,04%) (ginger, turmeric, cloves, chili pepper, cinnamon, pepper)

Producer: Groix & Nature


Preporuka za serviranje

Delicately spread over warm toasts!

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